Maya Poprotskaya


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While Maya was with LS Studios she was known by many names such as LS Dasha, LS Anya, and LS Maya. She completed 59 picture sets and 37 movies.


ALL public image sets Maya appeared in youth modeling are listed below:

(Some sets and videos were private/non-released)


Crazy Holiday
set 17
set 18
set 24

Crazy Video
video 026
video 032
video 033

Dark Video
video ivana

LS Dreams 4
video 09-01
video 09-02

Home Lolita
set 016

Kidz Index
set 012
set 013
set 067
video 006

Little Cuties
set 087
set 174

LS Land 7
set 007

LS Land 17
set 016
video 01

LS Land 20
set 024

LS Land 23
set 060

Lolitas Castle
set 018
set 053

Lolitas Kingdom
set 003
set 032

Lolly Edition 1
set 005

Lolly Edition 2
set 005
set 010

Lolly Edition 3
set 010

Lolly Edition 4
set 004

Lolly Edition 5
set 001

Lolly Edition 6
set 001

Lolly Edition 7
set 005

Lolita Sex Party
set 027

Lovely Nymphets (as Sonya A and Lera A)
set 157
set 158
set 195
set 196

LS Stars
set 005a
set 005b

LS Magazine 4
set 001
set 002
set 003
set 004
set 005
set 006
set 007
set 008
video 01-01
video 01-02
video 02-01
video 02-02
video 03-01
video 03-02
video 04-01
video 04-02
video 05-01
video 05-02
video 06-01
video 06-02
video 07-01
video 07-02
video 08-01
video 08-02

Magic Angels (As Dascha)
set 049a
set 049b
set 063a
set 063b

Magic Lolita (As Maya)
set 020a

Pearl Lolitas
set 010
set 031

Reallola Issue 1
set 004
video 007

Reallola Issue 2
set 004
video 004

Ukrainian Nymphets
set 060

Underground Lolita
set 051

Video 2000
video 032
video 032a

Video Angels
video 035
video 035a


Maya has NEVER let a customer go away unhappy, EVER!

On average Maya completes about 30-40 sales a day not including her Etsy website.

EACH ORDER is processed by Maya herself!

Maya takes a lot of pride in her work.

Thank all my fans. Im never know Im was so special for you.Im feel very special know Im have such dedicated and truly loving fans!


You can know this my real official website and only here will find real virus free movies and pictures! Beware of sites give away free video of me, most of time they are virus movies! Im get many complaint about already! Please know Im work hard for you, you WILL like ANYTHING you buy on my website!




Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya

Maya Poprotskaya (Майя Попроцкая)

Age: 29

Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 150cm (4′ 10″)

Weight: 68kg (149 lbs)

Bust: 104 (40″)(38D)

Waist: 88 (34″)

Hips: 110 (43″)

Shoe Size: 35 (6½)

Favorite Food: Sushi


Maya Poprotskaya celebrates turning 10 years old with family, friends, and a cake, after almost 3 years as a model for Ukrainian LS Studios LSM Dasha!
Maya Poprotskaya (Майя Попроцкая) celebrates turning 10 years old with family, friends, and a cake, after almost 3 years as a model for Ukrainian LS Studios LSM Dasha, LSM Anya, and LSM Maya!



Maya (Майя Попроцкая) was born on December 21, 1992. Her mother is a secretary and her father is a delivery driver! At age 7 she saw an advertisement for models on television and wanted to try it and a legend was born!

Maya PoprotskayaGoing through life, she was to be a nail salon beautician, but, after a severe allergic reaction, she had to give up her dreams.

Her prayers were finally answered when she met and married a man who had gotten her pregnant unexpectedly.

Their relationship fell apart very quickly, and Maya was now 4 months pregnant and alone.


Later on, Maya met and married a man who works professionally in film and photography. They met when Maya dumped a plate of very hot food on him at a restaurant.

He quieted the very embarrassed Maya and took her to a different restaurant, his clothing still a mess. He didn’t know she was a model until several months after they met.

Her husband shared a tour of their apartment in Ukraine here:


Though she is known as Maya and Mayya, these are not her real names.


Her website does over 200,000 unique website visits daily, gets thousands of emails weekly, and has been visited by every country in the world!




Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya as LS Dasha

Maya’s fans were called Dashaphiles and many fake interviews were posted on the internet by a man named “Ray” on a forum for Dashaphiles (even though it was 100% fake). Sadly, many people read that interview and believed it was real (And some “legitimate” blogs even cited it).

For a real interview with Maya, please click here.

Tell us about your proposal.




Maya (Майя Попроцкая) once tried webcams for a bit using the name “Milenohxray”…

Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya (Майя Попроцкая) AKA Milenohxray


But then realized she didn’t like them very much!

Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya (Майя Попроцкая) AKA Milenohxray




Maya is now a mother to a 9-year-old daughter!

Maya Poprotskaya Maya Poprotskaya Maya Poprotskaya






Maya at age 19!   Watch Maya grab a shower and ride!   Mayya takes a shower and shows every angle of her body, then rides her favori...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya


Maya loves to cook food for friends! Hear Maya speak! Hear Maya sing!, Maya dances a little, spills some food, laughs and giggles as...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya Shower


Hop in the shower with Maya! Watch her take a shower, shave her legs, sing to the radio and get clean! Maya Poprotskaya Shower Maya...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya

Fuck Two

“An AMAZING video… GOD DAMN!!!!” Maya’s SECOND public porn movie EVER! Watch as Maya gets fingered, gives an amazi...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya


Maya has been giving blowjobs since her LS Studio days! It’s easy to see how skillful she is in this video! Watch Maya give a...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya

Custom 2

Watch Maya do a sexy little dance and tease her little butt to you! She spreads wide and shows you the goodies!   “A very sexy...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya

Custom 3

Commonly referred to as Ass Lovers #2 by fans, this movie has an incredible amount of Maya’s cute little butt in it! This is M...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
First Fuck

First Fuck

FAN FAVORITE MOVIE #1 Maya’s FIRST porn movie EVER! Watch as Maya gets fingered, pounded doggy style, and filled with cum! Thi...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Purple Rabbit 3

Purple Monster 3

FAN  FAVORITE  MOVIE  #2 Maya, full of semen from a previous custom video, rides her 8″ long, 2″ diameter purple monster dildo! Watc...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya
Maya Poprotskaya Little Buzzer

Little Buzzer

Watch Maya with her favorite tiny little vibrator! Hear her moan, watch her finger her pussy, and use her favorite vibrator to have...
Stars:   Maya Poprotskaya

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  1. hello there, like many here i have enjoyed your photos for years, such a beautiful child, teen and now adult.
    so many horrible stories about you in the past, am glad you are happy now with such a beautiful daughter, same dazzling eyes and smile.

  2. Ive always enjoyed your work. May you have the success thatyou deserve. Always looking forward to your work.

  3. Glory to Ukraine!!!!
    Death to all facists!!!
    Prayers for you and your family, and ALL Ukranian People…!
    Bless all of of the freedom fighters for Ukraine…
    The World stands with you…I wish That I could come to fight for Ukraine and you Mayya…May this war end soon…and may you and your family be safe as well as the peoe of Ukraine…
    Thank you for being a vision and a source of beauty, in an otherwise ugly world…love to you always.

  4. Hello Mayya,
    I just love your work. I think it is great that you chose to be in the adult industry when you got older, you’re a natural! It’s even more amazing you talk about your past, and have based your present off of it. Being a child model seems like something you’re proud of, and you should be! Your work is awesome!

    I would LOVE to hear about your experiences as a child model, your life outside of the studio. Your thoughts about it as an adult. You are an icon, one in a million, and you’re something really special because you’ve embraced your past instead of hiding it. People need to hear your story. I need to hear your story.

    People have this warped idea about child adult sexual relationships because they only hear the bad stories. They don’t hear about the good stories, or the stories about everyday life. Or maybe about adventures in modeling.

    You embraced your past, share it with us so we can see it from your point of view.