MOST issues can be solved very quickly using the HELP below.


Maya has NEVER let a customer go away unhappy, EVER! Maya can always be reached personally at milennn267 at gmail dot com
Maya gets HUNDREDS of emails daily. If your email is not about needing help for a purchase, she will block you from further emails! (That’s a bad thing!) Sometimes, life is busy and she may send you the wrong movie or wrong picture set, but she will ALWAYS send you the correct video or picture set as soon as you tell her ! On average Maya completes about 30-40 sales a day not including her Etsy website.
EACH ORDER is processed by Maya herself!
(Rar opened, Video checked, Pack Rar file, Upload to server, email customer his link to download, Delete file from server after download). Maya takes a lot of pride in her work.
PLEASE give her at least a day or two to respond to HELP emails!




Maya’s stalker has been giving away free videos with virus and malware inside of them.

He steals videos and loads them with Malware (That he gets paid for) and has set up a website to give these videos away for free.



We have received many complaints already!

Be safe, Don’t download videos from other websites!

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Movie files on this website are massive, some are over 14 gigs in size! If you keep getting errors such as:


That means the download stalled from your internet.

Please close ALL browser windows and try the download again.


If the download KEEPS failing, please email us at and include:


Once we have matched your account to your purchase, we will send your file to you via a different website.

We use Win RAR to package the movies into smaller download sizes!

Win RAR is free to use and has been on the internet since 1997!

It’s on the Google Play Store for Android here:

For Windows Computer, download it here for FREE!

Most of the movies Maya makes are 4k Ultra High Definition movies. If you are using an older computer, close ALL programs you do not need running!

You may need to make sure your computer can run 4k UHD movies, we do not offer refunds because we cannot be sure that you really cannot see the movies. We’re sorry.

What we have found is that the best video player you could use is at:



If something really went wrong (You get a movie of Barney) then email Maya!


Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about it because you will have already received the product!

If you were sent the wrong movie, email Maya. She takes screenshots of each video ordered, so make sure you order the right movie PLEASE!

If indeed she sent you the wrong movie,

(this is around 1 in 1500 orders…)

she WILL make sure you are happy (Ranging from a few free movies to a very personal picture)


ALL public image sets Maya appeared in youth modeling are listed below:

Crazy Holiday
set 17
set 18
set 24

Crazy Video
video 026
video 032
video 033

Dark Video
video ivana

LS Dreams 4
video 09-01
video 09-02

Home Lolita
set 016

Kidz Index
set 012
set 013
set 067
video 006

Little Cuties
set 087
set 174

LS Land 7
set 007

LS Land 17
set 016
video 01

LS Land 20
set 024

LS Land 23
set 060

Lolitas Castle
set 018
set 053

Lolitas Kingdom
set 003
set 032

Lolly Edition 1
set 005

Lolly Edition 2
set 005
set 010

Lolly Edition 3
set 010

Lolly Edition 4
set 004

Lolly Edition 5
set 001

Lolly Edition 6
set 001

Lolly Edition 7
set 005

Lolita Sex Party
set 027

Lovely Nymphets (as Sonya A and Lera A)
set 157
set 158
set 195
set 196

LS Stars
set 005a
set 005b

LS Magazine 4
set 001
set 002
set 003
set 004
set 005
set 006
set 007
set 008
video 01-01
video 01-02
video 02-01
video 02-02
video 03-01
video 03-02
video 04-01
video 04-02
video 05-01
video 05-02
video 06-01
video 06-02
video 07-01
video 07-02
video 08-01
video 08-02

Magic Angels (As Dascha)
set 049a
set 049b
set 063a
set 063b

Magic Lolita (As Maya)
set 020a

Pearl Lolitas
set 010
set 031

Reallola Issue 1
set 004
video 007

Reallola Issue 2
set 004
video 004

Ukrainian Nymphets
set 060

Underground Lolita
set 051

Video 2000
video 032
video 032a

Video Angels
video 035
video 035a

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  1. I wanna start by saying that is the BEST customer service I have ever had…
    Had issues with a video and you helped out and when that didn’t workout you hooked me up with the Goddess’s pics instead,,,
    She has always the GREATEST boobs, always the fantasy girl and she still does not disappoint…
    I hope her and her family a Merry Christmas…

    And same to you

    Thank you
    A very happy customer

  2. Hi Maya,

    If Ibuy a gift fou tou can have costom video with th gift or need to buy costum video?

    Canyou make double fuck ?

  3. the only thing your missing on your web page is a “tips” link. iam shure a lot of people would just send you a “tip” as well as buying your photos. you need a “tip” link Anya

  4. I purchase “New Doggy” and I’ve downloaded it but I cannot open it. I am using an iPhone. Please help!

  5. Yes hello. In newest video is dog licking up a cream pie from her vagina? Is she pregnant in video? If video sales well will she make new pregnant videos?

  6. Would Love to buy one of your videos. Not sure which one? Seems I owe you for how happy you have made me in the past. I love videos when the woman is really into pleasuring herself and getting off. Can you suggest which one I should by?

  7. I am wondering if there is possibility to buy photos autograpohed by Maya, I would love to have such a thing in my collection