Maya’s first professional photo shoot.

Maya looks stunning in a green dress and purple body suit. Shot by a professional photographer, the details are very easy to see – you can see each individual hair!

Maya’s pussy is hairy and natural, as many of her fans have requested she not shave!

Like no other picture set on the site!

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  1. Ok, it’s much hotter than the other sets! I like the pics. Please put the logo in future in the corner of the pics and downsize it a bit.
    To be honest: the number of pixels is 1990 – it’s 2021. This and the big logo in the middle is my criticism.

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your honest feedback. While we understand the feelings about the logo, this is done to prevent people from stealing the pictures and snipping the logo out to try and resell the images as their own (Which we have found many people have tried to do!)

      That is why we cannot put the logo in the bottom corner, it must be presentable and easily seen.

      I am truly sorry about this.

      The image size we are currently updating to a much much larger size and all customers who have purchased the set will be sent this at a much higher resolution of course for free!

  2. I love this photo set. Maya looks truly gorgeous!!! I also agree about the explanation of the previous comment about the reason for the logo placement. There are many people that will crop photos to use to sell. When someone chooses to do that, they are not real fans of Maya. She deserves true loyal fans/members.

  3. Just bought this set cannot wait to add this to my videos and other pic sets I’ve purchased. Thank you Maya

  4. Awesome set, for sure worth the price. Maya please do more sets with more up close photos whether it be your face or other parts. We want to see you up close